"Art is like a therapy. Sometimes I can work about 7 hours and I only stop when I feel hungry. I have to draw faces, no interpretation it has to be that person. I just love what I do."

Jeff W is a young artist from Berlin (DE). At the age of 4, while watching these cartoons on tv, Jeff started drawing Pokémon and Dragonball. Ever since he couldn’t (be) stop(ped) drawing. One time somebody asked him if he hadn't any hobbies because he was always drawing (..!..) The subject of the drawings is always a face; a portrait from a more less famous notoriety.
Jeff is a self-taught artist and slowly developing his own style. Until recently just using a fine pencil, just drawing thin lines; now he has started to use a marker and even a brush. The use of color is not really exuberant. A background might be colored with a red marker very clearly separated from the face; a brush might also be used and the face might be painted in a color. Even though, the portrait in itself should tell the story.

Available Works