We are committed to the promotion of urban, street and fine artwork from all over the world. We want to make these works accessible to all people. We will do this by supporting and exhibiting beautiful pieces created by (young) artists and sell originals and privileged limited editions.  

SPAKLERS is a one-hundred square meters space dedicated to urban and street art and culture. We want to make a stage available for creating authentic and true energizing works. We will search, discover and uncover artists, team up with them, fuel and enjoy the sparkling energy of sprayed and brushed colors and shapes. These works (originals and editions, signed, numbered, authenticated – and affordable) are meant to cover and enlighten walls of every kind i.e. walls of people’s places, in the city or in the homes .

Loving Cities

Loving Walls

All over the world

Cover the walls

We want to make works of art accessible to all people. We will do this by supporting (young) artists in any way to produce beautiful pieces, and sell originals and also in privileged limited editions.

We Enjoy Urban Art

Find us

Find us in Amsterdam in the area where Rembrandt often went for sketching De Omval and the former Bijlmer Bajes, across of the entrance/exit of Metro Spaklerweg:  Spaklerweg 14B5 | 1096 AA  Amsterdam.

Tel: +31 (0)6 44 604 584


| Spaklerweg 14B5 | 1096 BA Amsterdam | NL |