Artez is a Serbian artist whose style is defined as a mixing photorealism with illustration. He draws inspiration for his works, besides location, from the things and persons that are present in his everyday life. He usually has a photo of something that inspires him as a starting point, but during the painting process he improvises a lot, mostly because he likes to get inspiration from the site itself. For years he was trying to find the best way to express himself and transfer ideas from his head to the flat surface – wall. He is best known as an artist that is mixing photo-realism and illustration with an amazing ability to incorporate vibrant colors in his work. His constant craving for travelling and having the world as his inspiration affected his rapid progress and influenced his style.

Bifido is an Italian street and urban artist who uses his art and visual language to address problems in our society; to make a statement on issues of war, violence, capitalism and childhood. He prefers to use the streets not just to decorate but to express something. In this way he takes the opportunity (as a street artist), to reach out to as many people as he can. Bifido’s main medium is photography and uses those by mainly paste up technique – paper, glue, and photos. But if necessary he also uses paint if the work requires it. Bifido has always been a street artist, working on the road. He takes inspiration from travels.

Serge Kortenbroek. Serge, based in Delft (Netherlands), mainly draws and paints surreal creatures, animals, cyborgs and humanoid creatures. On a variety of different surfaces – canvas and paper, but also walls and found objects – he creates grim, sometimes dark scenes with a twist.

Rikke Lydeking is a Danish artist based in Copenhagen and active since 2013.
In her work she is telling her stories and expressing her opinions, but always open to interpretation. It is important that paintings leave room for the viewer to include his or her own story, making it a new work of art each time a new person looks at it. Paintings create emotions other than that books or movies do. Her style is influenced by symbolism and is a kind of puzzle or a maze. Viewers have to either solve it or find their way through.

Nuno Viegas, also known as Metis was born in Portugal. After completing his studies in Visual Arts at the University of Algarve he moved to Rotterdam. Here he discovered a new artistic identity and began to develop his painting strongly influenced by graffiti. Nuno presents us a contrast between the visually aggressive and sometimes dirty reality of the graffiti subworld and his peaceful and clean representation in his works. The approach to this theme is a continuous tribute to all those who dedicate part of their lives to this culture, in search of moments, for almost nothing, in the heart of a society whose main objective is the conquest of money and power.

Eismann is a young, German (Bavarian) visual artist who makes use of a large variety of different styles to patiently work out artworks reaching from abstract to photorealistic, always pushing the boundaries of detail and precision.
with his influences coming mostly from nature, photography and classic philosophy. He combines the art of stencilism (several layers of delicate handcut paper stencils) with the use of various types of paint like acrylic spray paint / oil / acrylics to create ambiguous messages or simply pure aesthetics. From 2015 eismann started exhibiting all over Europe including shows in Berlin and London.

Matthew Dawn is a muralist/fine-artist from Belgium. He graduated with a bachelor degree in Digital Arts and Entertainment (3D- and game design in laments terms). Wall painting started out as a hobby but quickly turned into a full-time job. Matthew let his emotions roam free, funny because you wouldn’t call him emotional if you met him. His art is an escape hatch into which he dumps all his frustrations, angers and anxieties. Painting soothes him. His influences range from Basquiat to Lautrec but always revolve around colourful and figurative pieces.

Agrume is an artist from Lyon (France); self-taught he paints, draws, engraves, sticks and writes. Collage was a way to develop his work on paper. Art in an urban setting is then a way to evolve its work on paper, and thus, to confront and connect it to an audience. Cities and their atmospheres, colors or architecture are so many starting points giving rise to a number of ephemeral stories.
The situations shown are absurd, romantic, melancholic, disturbing. Traces of time and memory, words, reveal images from which emerges a universe, an atmosphere. The nature of human being is mocked, ridiculed with a truculent humor.

Ener Konings is born and based in Norway. As a teenager he became very interested in art, but it was not until he got his first camera that he got very passionate about graffiti and the urban art scene. Since his artistic debut in 2014, Ener developed over the years a visual language which is put together by sticking pasteups of illustrations and homemade wallpaper on the walls. With this unique language he brings together classical portraits and graffiti, realizing a kind of iconography of fun, soulful, real humans. These ‘icons’ are meant to blow life into the forgotten corners of the cityscape inspiring the audience to see themselves in a wider context.

ONI is a street artist based in Düsseldorf (Germany), whose work focuses on portraits, mainly that of
children and young adults. While her works often have a political context, they can also be simply viewed as
beautiful images that are not only seen, but look back at the beholder.
She has in the meanwhile participated in many exhibitions and left some gorgeous murals in Köln, Dusseldorf, Berlin.