Markers  //  FacesKamp Seedorf and Jeff W show New Works

Exhibition from Saturday October 24 - Sunday November 15  2020

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we kindly ask you to wear a facemark during your visit at the gallery. Only 20 visitors at a time are admitted.  

Kamp Seedorf (Amsterdam NL) is a streetart collective that has existed since about 2010. The members, ardent football and sports fanatics with a graffiti past, have their roots in Amsterdam and Almere, like Clarence Seedorf (Ajax, Dutch football icon) did. Clarence is their actual namesake; ‘Kamp’ refers more or less to ‘gang’ and also to the former base (camp) of the dutch army in Germany. 

Jeff W (Berlin DE)
At the age of 4, while watching these cartoons on tv, Jeff started drawing Pokémon and Dragonball. Ever since he couldn’t (be) stop(ped) drawing. One time somebody asked him if he hadn’t any hobbies because he was always drawing (..!..) The subject of the drawings is always a face; a portrait from a more less famous notoriety, in all cases a person which gives him good vibes..