"Hard work pays off, never stop painting!"

Artez is a Serbian artist whose style is defined as mixing photorealism with illustration. He draws inspiration for his works from, besides location, the things and persons that are present in his everyday life. He usually has a photo of something that inspires him as a starting point, but during the
painting process he improvises a lot, mostly because he likes to get inspiration from the site itself. For years he was trying to find the best way to express himself and transfer ideas from his head to the flat surface – wall. He is best known as an artist with an amazing ability to incorporate vibrant colors in his work. His constant craving for travelling and having the world as his inspiration affected his rapid progress and influenced his style.


“I wouldn’t say that I wanted to leave my name just for sake of self promotion. I think that somewhere deep inside I felt I might inspire someone with my little intervention, like the other people have inspired me. This same feeling is the main reason why I am still painting – I hope that my work will inspire other people, and if that happens I know that I didn’t paint for nothing!”

Available Work