"I discovered that the city was like an outside art gallery. It wasn’t hidden away inside, it was outside for everyone to see and enjoy."

Ener Konings is born and based in Norway. As a teenager he became very interested in art, but it was not until he got his first camera that he got very passionate about graffiti and the urban art scene. Since his artistic debut in 2014, Ener developed over the years a visual language which is put together by sticking pasteups of illustrations and homemade wallpaper on the walls.
With this unique language he brings together classical portraits and graffiti, realizing a kind of iconography of fun, soulful, real humans.These ‘icons’ are meant to blow life into the forgotten corners of the cityscape inspiring the audience to see themselves in a wider context.


With paste-ups you have the possibility to go big really fast, at the same time they aren’t permanent, the paste-up gets weathered quickly. In that way the image is there for just a little while before it is gone. This helps to enhance the element of surprise.
What I try to do is to make the world more appealing and colourful. Street art has a tendency to be very political and critical of society, but when you strip away the political elements it gives the viewer a more personal and pleasant experience. That’s what I’m all about.

Available Work