“Kamp Seedorf is very much committed to their anonymous existence and their work is hardly seen in a gallery. For their show of November 2020 they made a explicit reference and tribute to one of the first tools they used, the marker. They gave the marker the tag semi permanent, refering to their paste-ups, which are quite easily to remove. Finally this marker is immortalized, deconstructed and shown in a couple of different ways.”

Kamp Seedorf is a streetart collective that has existed since about 2010. The members, ardent football and sports fanatics with a graffiti past, have their roots in Amsterdam and Almere just like Clarence Seedorf (Ajax, Dutch football icon) did. Clarence is their actual namesake; ‘Kamp' refers more or less to ‘gang' and also to the former base (camp) of the dutch army in Germany.
They have been pasting their hand-painted pieces (of paper) all around the world, from the streets of Amsterdam to Chicago, Berlin and Milan. Many football players and other eccentric, striking personalities have been …... It is their way of paying tribute to these people. In that tribute they are often joined by people living in the neighborhood. To be able to enjoy the sight of a paste up, you have to be quick as removal of it is always lurking. Semi permanent is in this case an understatement.
The former mayor of Amsterdam, Eberhard van der Laan, who passed away a couple of years ago, was honored as 'Damsko Strijder!’ (Amsterdam Warrior!). One could say Kamp Seedorf spoke on behalf of many Amsterdam citizen, with the image and the tag they gave to the city.

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