"I look for shapes that feel right. Shapes that are just as earthly as elevated."

Looking at her sculptures, one sees that they take their space in a natural way and are present as they radiate some kind of energy. They reflect a certain kind of acceptance of who they are; of peace, strength and joy. Characteristics that bring balance to a troubled and confusing world. Colors give each sculpture its own nuance. Maartje names her sculptures. “A title is restrictive for me. The name comes up to my mind it fits almost always. You just feel it, it suits that image so well."

After the design and the preparation of the mold, the sculptures are cast in an environmentally friendly acrylic resin (plasticrète). The acrylic resin is weather and frost resistant and are colored through and through. The biggest part of the sculptures will end up in people homes, and take part in a (probably) dynamic life. So they have to be beautiful, not petty and ‘vandal-proof’. And so they are. The sizes are meant towards daily enjoyment, at home nice place in the house or garden.
The variety in composition of the resin and the use of color give the sculptures a kind of uniqueness. That’s why they are made in a small edition.

An important role in the work of Maartje is the light. The way the light caresses the round and soft lines (as if is a most soft skin) wants to make you to touch the sculptures. This tactile experience which you are invited to, is simply allowed.

With her Cock Collection, Maartje wants to celebrate her masculine side that is fully developed and expressed along her art.
“As my entire personality is made up of dualities, I feel very feminine and very masculine at the same time. In addition to this important aspect, another subject fills me with passion: freedom. The freedom to be who you are. Being equal, without having to be equal.”

Selection of Available Works