"Quality is the lack of mistakes. This is a technique I fall back to not only when I’m preparing a project but also in the creative process itself. Every time I’m creating something I pass a point where I’ve built my foundation and transition into a phase of working out all the kinks, cleaning up the mess I made. It’s the 20% of the work that drives the 80% of the result. It is what takes it from okay to good and eventually to great."

Matthew Dawn is a muralist/fine-artist from Belgium. He graduated with a bachelor degree in Digital Arts and Entertainment (3D- and game design i n laments terms). Wall painting started out as a hobby but quickly turned into a full-time job. Matthew let his emotions roam free, funny because
you wouldn’t call him emotional if you met him. His art is an escape hatch into which he dumps all his frustrations, angers and anxieties.
Painting soothes him. His influences range from Basquiat to Lautrec but always revolve around colourful and figurative pieces.

Available Works