“I want to use my paintings to tell stories and express my opinions. I don’t want to use my paintings to tell the viewer what is right and what is wrong. I try to always leave my paintings open to interpretation. This way, the viewer’s mind and context are part of the artwork and I like that. To me, paintings can create emotions in a way that books and movies cannot (and vice versa).”

Rikke Lydeking is a Danish artist based in Copenhagen and active since 2013. In her work she is telling her stories and expressing her opinions, but always open to interpretation. It is important that paintings leave room for the viewer to include his or her own story, making it a new work of art each time a new person looks at it. Paintings create emotions other than that books or movies do. Her style is influenced by symbolism and is a kind of puzzle or a maze. Viewers have to either solve it or find their way through.

Available Works